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Last Update: Sat Mar 29 10:07:04 -0500 2008

JREXML is an add-on for JRuby that uses a Java pull parser library to speed up REXML.

REXML is, unfortunately, painfully slow running under JRuby at the moment due to the slowness of regular expression parsing. JREXML shoves a small wrapper around XPP3/MXP1 ( into the guts of REXML, disabling the regular expression parser and providing close to a 10x speedup.


Simply install the gem under JRuby:

    jruby -S gem install jrexml

And require ‘jrexml’ to speed up REXML.

    gem 'jrexml'
    require 'jrexml'


You can get the JREXML source using Git, in any of the following ways:

    git clone git://
    git clone
    git clone git://

You can also download a tarball of the latest JREXML source at


This software is released under an MIT license. For details, see the LICENSE.txt file included with the distribution. The software is copyright (c) 2007 Nick Sieger <>.

This product includes software developed by the Indiana University Extreme! Lab ( See the license in the file lib/xpp3.LICENSE.txt for details.